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Bitter Buckwheat Care Tea

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Benefits of Green World Bitter Buckwheat Tea:
Prevents and improves high blood pressure, high blood lipid and high blood glucose.
Provides rich and balanced nutrients.
Improves immunity.
Clears the wastes in the body.
Nourishes the skin, maintains beauty and young appearance.
Improves blood circulation of heart and brain.
Relieves fatique and revitalizes stamina.
Beneficial for weight control.

Suitable for:
People need to improve nutritional status.
People intend to prevent and improve high blood pressure, high blood lip and high blood glucose.


Bitter buckwheat is also called Tartary buckwheat. There are normal bitter buckwheat and black bitter buck wheat. The shell of normal bitter buckwheat is yellow white, while the shell of black bitter buckwheat is dack black.

Bitter buckwheat is the main crop of the Yi people in Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan province. It grows up in the elevation of 2200-3500 meters high, and can be used as food and medicine, ranked fifth in the top ten health food in the world.

Early in 1984,the people in liangshan in physical examination found that the native Yi people who take bitter buckwheat as the main crop in the bitter buckwheat production area, whose rate of suffering from diseases is very low.

So the government of liangshan asked the liangshan association to search this situation, and liangshan association invited Beijing Institute of food science and technology, Beijing hospital, Beijing Tongren hospital, Sino – Japanese friendship hospital and so on, altogether eight units to research.

In 1987,Sichuan association for science and technology organized a achievement appraisal meeting in Beijing and confirmed: Bitter buckwheat contained flavonoids, and its main components was rutin. In flavonoids, rutin took 70~90% (rutin is also known as vitamin P.

Except flavonoids, buckwheat is also rich in minerals and 18 amino acids. Crude protein, chlorophyll, rutin, selenium, zinc, magnesium, calcium, bioflavonoids, and many vitamins have extremely high nutrition. Bitter buckwheat is the top of all the crops.

Green World Bitter Buckwheat Tea:
100% Herbal.
No Side Effects.
NAFDAC Registered.

Brewing ways: Take out 3-5g tea, add 85 degree boiled water, pour out the first cup of tea soup (wash tea), then add boiled water, the tea is ready, add water when the tea in cup left 1/3. Generally, the tea can be bubbled 3-4 times.

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